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    Linux Vps


    sorry for my question but i have a very low knowledge of the linux world.

    Is there any way to manage remotely a Linux VPS as it is possible in windows with Remote Desktop Connection? I'd like to manage the VPS with the same interface of a desktop computer, without having to learn linux commands?

    And if possible, would you recommend it for a newbie as I am?


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    There is a solution, but it will take you 256MB RAM and some help from your provider.

    Your provide must install vncserver and kde/gnome, then change xstartup for vncserver to start kde when vncserver is started, then start vncserver, and allow you to connect to the server via VNC.

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    Can I humbly suggest that you do not start hosting a linux VPS until you know what you are doing. Grab a VMware image of CentOS and learn on your local machine first. Very few providers are going to babysit someone learning the basics of an OS.
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    Ok Thanks to all. It seems that it is not a native solution. i'll keep learning Linux


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    You would do well to get a VPS with a control panel, through a managed provider. That way they will help you learn the ropes and you need never login to the terminal until you are comfortable.

    The control panel will provide you with a GUI.
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