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    Problems with ServerWizards

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum. Been reading alot about recommendations and managed servers and found many useful tips.

    I ended up choosing serverwizards for a managed dedicated server. The support has been fast in responding to problems. Something I expected after reading many posts here and paying for the service.

    However, after one and a half month with serverwizards, I encountered many problems.
    • my cPanel has been reinstalled 4 times and each time, things were missing on the server like fantastico for example and I had to find everything that was missing after the reinstall. Being a newb, this requires alot of time
    • Last week, my server was down at 4 AM and I was lucky to have been up early that morning to find the problem. After reporting the problem, they fixed it and claimed that they were already on the problem before i discovered it, so it was down for at least 3 hours.
    • Yesterday, I cannot log in to my WHM and now they want me to give them all the domain names that are in the server so they can put them back in the WHM.
    • Each incident, they never explain why it happened or how it happened. They just kinda gave me a general response that it was just routine.
    I've been with other hosting cpmpanies with inferior customer service, but never had problems on the server. But this is rediculous with a company that has great response to customer service.

    That is enough ranting for one day from me.
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    Thats suspicious, why has it been reinstalled so many times?
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    kempozone: This matter is being handled by our support technicians, that's also where you should send your concerns instead of this forum. We already updated you this was gonna be fixed permanently in a short moment.
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    KingAdmin - Thanks for the response. Your support is excellent. I hope these problems will be permanently fixed. As of today, I still cannot log in to WHM.
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    Your problem is fixed, next time please use our helpdesk instead of emails, you will get better response time and it will help us track problems more effectively.
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    Thank you KingAdmin! Everything seems to be back to normal...

    It doesn't matter what manner I used to contact support. Your support staff always replied in minutes no matter what time of day or night. But in the future, I will use the helpdesk.

    I hope you can feel my frustration with these problems, especially when I know so little about servers and I entrusted you with my server problems.

    Moderator, please close thread. No need for further discussions
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    Quote Originally Posted by kempozone

    Moderator, please close thread. ...
    Okay. Thread closed.
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