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    Thumbs up 151 Front Street Toronto Canada Colo $69.99 3mbit service

    Downtown Toronto Tier 1 Colocation Provider Located at 151 Front St West

    $69.99- Includes up to 2U rackmount server space - 3mbit Burstable

    Rack Space: 1 U or 2 U Server ( Tower's are accpeted as well call for more info)
    Monthly Transfer: 3mbit Burstable (Upgradeable)
    Port Connection: 100 Mbps
    IP: 8
    Multi-Homed: Yes
    Remote reboot: Yes
    unrestricted content: Yes
    24x7x365 Support:Yes
    24x7x365 Escorted Access:Yes
    Uptime Guarantee: Yes
    Money Back Guarantee: Yes
    Setup fee: $49.99 (Wavied of Contract for 3 or more months. )
    Monthly fee: $69.99

    Bandwidth Providers:

    2xGige Cogent, 2xGige Toronto Hydro Telecom, 1xGige NAC, 2x Torix access via Toronto Hydro & Nac.

    We accept Paypal, Western Union Cash, & Company Checks.

    Setup is Wavied if Signing a 3 or more Month Contract.

    Order now by clicking HERE

    If you have any questions or you're ready to join us, contact [email protected], or phone us Free (866)816-6943 or you can msn us at [email protected]

    Facility Related Information:
    - Facility powered by multiple redundant power grids
    - Redundant power switching gear
    - Floor wide UPS systems, 24 hour minimum charge
    - Redundant on-site generator systems
    - Emergency building power umbilical cord with generator truck agreements

    - Multiple on-site security personnel
    - ManTrap
    - Redundant camera systems, Card Readers
    - Security lock-down elevators and stair wells 24x7
    - Redundant Libert HVAC Climate Control Units 3x 30 Ton units

    - 25 Diverse fiber-optic cable entrances into the building for maximum redundancy
    - Access to over 150 local Carriers and Telecommunications companies
    - Perimeter water detection systems
    - Over 5,000 strands of fiber connecting internal and external networks
    - Over 15,000 Copper pairs for voice and data applications

    We thank you for taking the time to consider Moxie Communcations Inc as your leading edge Internet Services Provider.

    If you have any questions or you're ready to join us, contact [email protected], or phone us Free (866)816-6943 or you can msn us at [email protected]
    Moxie Colo Inc Has been Sold to Secure Access Colo known on WHT as SecureDataCenters
    New ownership better Service DC1 100% Sold out DC2 Due online July 2010

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    Nice offer, especially from another Canadian company
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