Prefessional service company with experienced employees and kind client-managers. We don't have portfolio. We don't have a site. We don't have time to complete it. All our time - client time. We work on NDA and not sharing any client informartions. All projects are secret. Legal international contract (paper copy sent directly to you) the best way to proof our serious goals. We are Ukrainians, who talk english and know what you need.

"Web development and design" not good term to describe us. We are developers who care about any part of project.
Server side programming? - No problem.
PHP, Python, C? - For sure.
Database problems? Optimization? Administration? - Just ask.
Server go down? Deamons don't want to work? Kernel panic? - Let us administrate.
Billing, finance, intranet system? Realy? And that's all? - Not a problem for our team.
Anything else? Maybe graphic design? Flash animation? Print? Media? - Why are you waiting? Drop an email and be impressed.

Stop waste your time and money. Stop search. Contact us.

The best time to reach client-manager: 10-19 (GMT+2)

E-Mail, Gtalk, MSN: [email protected]
ICQ: 85565239
Skype: anton.yacenko
AIM: jamphpdeveloper
Also you can send PM.

Thanks for your time.