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    Question Exim ACL issue.. Please help ..

    Well I am not actually a hosting provider but a client. I do have some technical knowledge about Exim, Sendmail etc and my host also co-operates with me so I thought of asking this question myself. My problem is with the RBL checks that my host's server performs even on authenticated SMTP connections. My ISP provides a IP to me which is being shared by many subscribers and gets blocked often. This causes a problem for me to use my mail client to send outgoing e-mail through my host's SMTP.

    Suppose my hosted domain is "". Now when I use my e-mail client and send an e-mail using my hosts SMTP server (which requires due authentication) and give return-path (envelope sender) as "[email protected]", the e-mail passes through nicely. But when I use some other return path like "[email protected]", I get a RBL block message after RCPT command. This should not happen as I am a paying member and I am correctly authenticating myself using the username & password of my hosted account.

    My host uses Exim 4.63 so I just wanted to know whether there is a way to modify Exim ACL so that it doesn't perform RBL checks for authenticating users.

    Please help..


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    While this should work, it really depends on the rest of your ACL configuration.

    Under the ACL section ABOVE dnslists add:
    !hosts = +relay_hosts
    !authenticated = *

    !hosts = +relay_hosts
    !authenticated = *
    dnslists = : : :

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