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    Offline payment methods?

    I'm not actually in the hosting business, but provide a full website solution for clients - website, hosting etc...

    I've worked at a few website firms in the past, but the one stage I never saw happen was payment. I have no idea how this is done.

    I'm assuming an invoice is sent to the client, but how is this normally paid?

    Cheque? Cash? Bank transfer? Something else?

    I'm kinda clueless as to how UK tax stuff works, so I'm not sure whether taking cash is a big no-no.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

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    The customer can pay online using a credit card. Then a sales receipt is generated and sent to the client.
    If customer is to pay offline, then you send an invoice and wait for the payment. After the payment is received, then you send a sales receipt.
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    you can get a good gateway account which will enable you to generate invoices and accept payments from your clients via credit card.

    Apart from this you can also have your clients pay you via paypal, cheque, cash, wire transfer, western union etc.
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    The following methods is what our customers use and have used:
    - Money transfer
    - Cheque
    - Postal Order

    Send them an invoice, or even an e-invoice and provide them with the methods of payment.
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    In the US? Checks.
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    Cheques & cash providing that is is recorded & insured delivery in the uk, Thats about £2 extra which is worth it in my eyes!

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    I would say PayPal is one of the quickest, easiest and most secure ways to accept payment. - Affordable Quality Hosting.

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