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    High bandwidth image hosting?

    I run a few myspace sites and use about 6,000 gb a month. No image hosting site offers this type of bandwidth, so any ideas of what could I use and more or less how much would it cost?

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    You may need to get a 100 MBPS unmetered server. If you check offers forum, you will find some offering 100 MBPS servers around $100.

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    For that level of bandwidth a $100 server isn't going to cut it.

    A realistic price assuming a 30Mbit commit would be around $300 + server...
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    I doubt you'll get what you want for $100. Up your budget.

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    Think laterally.

    1. You are only serving images across http.

    2. You need a lot of bandwidth.

    Look around for 2000MB per month basic servers with no backup drives or anything like that.
    I have seen these for $50 to $70, may be old hardware but who cares.

    Set up a hosting account on each one with the same host name.
    Use independent DNS with "round robin" as a crude loadbalancer and set the DNS to refresh every four hours.

    Either rsynch the directory with the images from one of the servers to all the others or live without that and FTP up to all of them when you make a change.

    Now you effectively have one big server serving your images from multiple locations and data centres.
    If one server dies, frop it out of the DNS and get a new one.

    Its crude but it will work and it will give you access to lots of bandwidth and additional redundancy without you having to spend a fortune.
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