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    Where do the successful moderate-sized companies go?

    Anybody know of a resource where I can find out what large companies (e.g. Google, EBay) do about web hosting (i.e. I imagine they have their own servers?), or where moderate-sized profitable companies (e.g. those referenced in popular business magazines, or 'Fortune 1000' companies) go to get their web hosting needs met?

    Info welcomed! Thanks!


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    you can start by doing a lookup, and seeing if there are clues, such as IP location and owner, nameservers, registrar, .....

    a traceroute might tell you things, too.

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    Companies the size of ebay and google will generally own there own datacenters/office buildings from which the servers are housed in and lines are leased too.

    I know for a fact MySpace does this as there Los Angeles location is near where I live.

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    Many such as YouTube have servers in custom racks at Peer1 or google at Abovenet - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    Some of the big companies are hosted with RackSpace.

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    I would think most have dedicated server clusters they use either on their own inhouse network with a rediculous internet pipe, or they use rackspace.
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    Alot of these companies also use content distribution services. But seems many colocate within various datacenters around the country/globe. I know at the NAP of the Americas in Miami we're neighbors with many of these companies, including Verisign, Google, MSN, Yahoo, AT&T, etc. If you watch the Press Releases you'll see releases from time to time that XYZ is colocating in ABC datacenter. Maybe check and their press release archive.
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    I would think they do it all themselves. They have the money to hire the professionals to handle everything in-house.
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