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    * need share or vps for cgi proxy

    i want to sell cgi proxy account so i need a share or vps hosting with:

    at least 300 GB bandwidth
    Open SSL
    Net:SLeay, a Perl module to interface with OpenSS

    do you know any choise?!
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    CGIProxy use lots of server resources. 300GB is not enough. Get a dedicated server, if you are serious about running a web-proxy, its cheaper than overage charge you will get.

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    I think in this case you need only a dedi.

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    Yeah I'm with everyone else you're going to need a dedicated or a very large VPS. Shared is simply not going to work even if you can find the bandwidth requirements any half decent host is going to notice the proxy within a few days. These things suck bandwidth like crazy along with CPU so they are pretty easy to spot oh and the fact once they get linked up people start using them like crazy and use them for image links and such. Of course this is assuming there is no hotlink protection in place in the script.
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    Make sure you go over the providers TOS very carefully before signing up. Many do not allow proxies of any kind and will shut down your account without refund if you break the TOS.
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