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    I signed up with ResellerZoom

    Well it has only been a few hours since I signed up for a resellerzoom account so this is just a short review on the signup process. Signed up Sunday night at around 6:30 PM I have to say the signup process was easy and simple. The program they used for registration basically swept me right along just asking me simple and easy questions. Resellerzoom policy on new accounts is to have them setup within 24 hours and to my joy it took less then 24 hours. By 9:30AM on Monday morning my welcome email had been sent to me and I started the process of moving over one of my web sites. The website is a wordpress blog and phpld link directory I logged right in and began the process of relocating. The server was fast and responsive which always is good when relocating. All in all the process was great and went off without a hitch tonight I began migrating the rest of my websites over. The server is still responding fast and it looks like the process will go off without a hitch. I know this was just a general review and does not reflect long term usage so I will be updating this thread in a few months and see if everything is still working great.

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    do they have end user support?

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    Good to hear you have found a host. Hopefully you can come back in a few months and submit a detailed thorough review
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    Quote Originally Posted by srik79
    do they have end user support?
    On their Failover and UK plans they do, not on their budget plans though.

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    Nice signup process, and glad it went well so far so good. Good to see a positive review for a provider and I do hope they continue to meet your expectations. Keep us updated.
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