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    which server to choose

    Hi, I am interested in getting one of the low end dedicated server from layered tech.

    here are the current deals:

    ( I am not allowed to post links cause I haven't posted more than 5 times)

    I wonder whether I should go with sempron/barton/Athlon/celron/Athlon Dual Core.
    I need two disks for raid.

    The server is for a ruby on rails application which doesn't require intensive CPU processing. It's a pretty simple app for dating.

    right now, users can upload images to their profiles. But eventually, I may allow users upload encoded video files in flash.

    any thought?


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    If you don't need much CPU power, take the cheapest Sempron Server for $89, because the Harddisks and Ram are the same as in the more expensive Servers...

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    I agree with space2rent. Since the application doesn't need intensive CPU processing, you may use sempron processor. Perhaps you should consider to gain more capacities on HDD as your users can upload video files.
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