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    Old school looking for Young Mindís Fresh Ideaís . . .

    I need to add a few servers to deal with spam pre-processing for myself, friends and clients. Iím looking for datacenters with network diversity and reliability in Europe, Asia and both East and West Coast United States.

    The reason Iím posting in this forum, Iím seeking real world recommendations from seasoned providers and not script kiddies or weekend webmasters. I donít need technical help; I want business seasoned opinion of datacenters and providers. If your a provider, where would you host outside of your network?

    I host old school customers with email addresses and domains registered pre 1996 (Yes Virginia there was an Internet then and no Al Gore didnít invent it ;-).

    Before the thread turns into you should do this software or this spam filtering service, My personal domain went live in 1982 and Iím using the same email address from that domain to this day. Iím filtering over 200,000 spams per hour alone on this email address and the email address is still fully functional. I have the technical knowledge just in need of the practical current day knowledge

    Your recommendations would be welcome and appreciated and always thank you in advance.


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    Do you have the hardware or would you be leasing them? <<< removed >>>
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    My reccomendation would be to co-locate at the various Equinix facilities around the world. You'll take advantage of price synergy by doing business with one company and will have your choice of many diffrent transit providers without having to run loops.

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