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    Help With Windows.


    My friend just bought a windows server, and I know nothing about windows (I am Linux bum chum ) anyway, I am going to install some things for him, now normally I would use putty with linux, but windows seems to be weird, or maybe its just my lack of knowledge.

    He was given only a few things from the person who set it up for him (a friend I believe).

    User (The Root user of course.)

    Now here's my question...

    How the hell do I get remotely connected, in putty it says "Connection Refused".

    Please help .
    Thanks in advance,

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    You need to use Remote Desktop Connection, and then just use it as you would a normal windows machine.
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    Thanks for your reply, I tried using this but still getting errors.

    When I connect to: - - -
    I get this error for all of the above:

    "Remote Desktop Disconnected"
    "The client could not connect to the remote computer.
    Remote Connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection.

    Please try again later. If the problem continues to occur, contact your administrator".

    Is there anyway to enable 'RDC' or do I have to tell my mate to contact the DC?.
    Thanks for the reply man

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    looks like there is a problem with remote desktop connection
    I'd have them see if the contact at the DC can get in first.

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    Thanks Again, I will let you all know how I get on

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