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    Build your own Computer

    Just add water and stir.

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    Nice tutorial... No pictures though... Building a PC is pretty much self explanatory anyway...

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    I was like... wow, cool... now I can provide a link for people... went to save in favorites and it is already there.... lol

    It is a great link....

    With the new "tool less" cases and instructions from the vendors, you only need the fundamentals down before ordering parts. I also use for recommendations on builds... or just to cruise to see what other people are building. I'm in the US, but the parts they talk about all have similar names...
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    Yeah. Build your own PC!

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    I build all my home computers, the tutorial seems very long. I would rather just do it without instructions like i did the first time round lol - Affordable Quality Hosting.

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    Haha. I remembered my first PC, an XT. I had troubles with static and my main board.

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