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    All Reseller Packages 99% OFF! is offering a 99% discount on all reseller packages! Sign up monthly and recieve 99% off your first month!

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    1) Visit
    2) Click the Order Button below the package you'd like
    3) Follow the simple steps to sign up and use the following coupon : 99offreseller
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    Why Choose offers our clients low prices along with excellent support. We offer support via AIM, eMail and Support Tickets. You can pick whichever way works best for you!

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    Do you offer a billing software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by webmill
    Do you offer a billing software?
    We are in the process of adding Fantastico, which would allow you to use the following billing scripts:
    AccountLab Plus (2.4 r2)
    phpCOIN (1.2.2)

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    Please check this !!!
    ERROR! This promotion code, 99offreseller, is invalid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q.SiN
    Please check this !!!
    There we go. Problem solved. Sorry for the inconvienence.

    99offreseller is now working.

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    its still invalid for me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainboiboi
    its still invalid for me...
    What plan are you attempting to use it on? I just tried out all reseller packages and they all work fine.

    It will not work for regular packages, only our reseller packages.

    Here's the link:

    Then on that page under
    "Enter Promotion Code:" input '99offreseller'

    If this does not work go ahead and eMail your website, name and eMail address to [email protected] and I will assist you in creating the account.

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