is seeking 1-3 people to help us in the sales category. Depending on how many clients sign up, a potential support job may be available.

Currently our pay scale is as follows:
ThreeFroggy Plan- $4.95
TwoFroggy Plan- $2.95
OneFroggy Plan- $1.00

For every person you get to sign up for these plans you get the amount listed EACH MONTH!

So if you sell 3 plans a week within the first month you will have $12.00-$60.00 a month! With our low prices and great service there is no reason you should have a hard time finding clients.

This could be a VERY high paying job if you work hard at it.

If intrested or if you have any questions feel free to PM me, send me an AIM message (AskTheFroggy) or you can eMail me ( [email protected] )