Domain + Website
I want to get rid of this site. Its Google PR3

I bought it ages ago and have just done nothing with it.

Its a sort of Google Adsense type site allowing users to get ads to display on their website and have their ads displayed on other websites.

Offers Starting at 50 maybe?

or email me [email protected]

1. Your name? William Grace

2. URL(s) of site?

3. Age of site? 3 years + I have had it

4. Approximately monthly page views and/or unique visitors? See Below

5. How does the site generate income? How much? Nothing

6. Who develops content and administers the site? How much time does it require? For me None as I do not do anything with it

7. What is the monthly cost of running the site?Nill

8. Reason for selling? I do nothing with it but renew it every year.

9. Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner? Sure, I will provide all the code database etc all zipped up, even on CD if you wish, I just want rid of the site.

10. Does the site have an ezine or newsletter? Number of subscribers? Some users but I do not think they are using it.

11. What all does the site include? Site, Database Domain name with

12. Asking price for the site? 50? Offer me something for it.

Stats are as follows

Monthly Statistics for December 2006
Total Hits 3979
Total Files 3455
Total Pages 655
Total Visits 341
Total KBytes 7091
Total Unique Sites 634
Total Unique URLs 19
Total Unique Referrers 31
Total Unique User Agents 172
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 5 124
Hits per Day 128 256
Files per Day 111 231
Pages per Day 21 57
Visits per Day 11 20
KBytes per Day 229 660

I want to get rid of this site, I also have a few more that I would like to get rid off.