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    Question What version is this forum software (Powered by vBulletin)??

    What version is this forum software (Powered by vBulletin)??

    At the bottom of the forum pages the version is not indicated for vBulletin.

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    vBulletin 3.5.x. The version is not fully shown becuase it can be a security risk.


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    Have to love those security risks! Why were you wanting to know David Copeland? Were you looking to setup something similar? Looking for some help?

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    No, we already have a very well established VBulletin forum (for seven years). But we need to upgrade ours to the latest version, which has many great features (and includes many great security fixes).

    Whenever I see a site (such as this one) that has a different feel to it, different or expanded features, or perhaps custom-added features, I first go to see the version number. Why? Because the newest upgrades include automated features that the older versions did not have, and we were left to custom coding.

    And last, this site seems pretty fast in page loads. The newest versions are geared towards keeping the page loads fast, even though speed may be a server issue.

    I am a registered and licensed VB user at the support forums at where you can easily look my name up. And you will also see the type of servers VB uses in keeping ahead of forum growth.

    If this forum is using 3.5.x , that says little. I think 3.5.2 was the break even for resolving the security risks. Current we are using 3.5.2 and have had security issues. But 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 had other problems.

    The major break through happened with 3.6.0 , and they are up to 3.6.4 with some great new features.

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