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    Question Who has the cheapest .CC domain prices??

    Who has the cheapest .CC domain prices??

    It seems like the average is $33 for one year.

    Can someone point me to a company that offers .CC domains for far less?

    Note: We have a VIP account with Network Solutions, which gets us one year at $15 for the standard .com, .us, .org, etc . But they do not discount the .cc names.


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    GoDaddy offers .cc domain for $19.99/year

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    Yep. GoDaddy are the cheapest at $19.99/yr. You can still use any GoDaddy coupons to reduce that.
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    Where can I find some godaddy coupons?

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    You could review this thread..
    This is the last page, as of now. If you don't find what you want on this lst page, then go back to earlier pages.

    You can also google for "GoDaddy coupon codes".
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