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    Bad experience with Aplus

    I've taken a few months ago a webhost account at

    My site was frequently down but they say to me that the problem will be resolved soon. After 1,5 month of almost every day one or two down times of 20 /60 minutes (I use a software to check downtime with a ping every 5 minute). Now the downtime is less.
    They support dept. answered quick. Nothing wrong except a lot of downtime of my site and users who wrote emails asking why the site was down.

    The worst was with Aplus domain registering. Everything went wrong.

    I registrered a .eu domain with the host account. I saw in the EUR whois database that the domain was registred on my name immediately. Then something went wrong. I could not reach the domain anymore and they told me that my domain name was already registrered by another user.
    It was wrong. The domain was still registrered on my name but something was wrong with their dns or I don't know exactly.

    Then I tried to change the email address of this domain. Three months later, many many email later, still today my email address has not been changed.

    I have my email address since years and since I registrered an account by Aplus I'm receiving span from foreign people.

    Then I tried to add 2 more domains. 1 domain without problem, the second domain was registrered they told me but 7 days later the domain was still available on the net in netsol, tucows.
    Writing again with Aplus, they told me that the domain was not registrered and that something went wrong 7 days before.
    I was happy that noone has taken it.

    When I saw a week ago that the email of my principal domain still not has been changed I decided to move all the domains from Aplus to an extern name registrar with the idea to point the DNS to their servers.

    Today, not one domain has been transferred.
    I did not receive the EPP codes, they told me that there registrar dept. did not answer their request of EPP codes. I just have to wait. 4 days later, today still no EPP codes received.

    The transfer of my .eu domain went even worse. They registrered this domain at and used global registration services (a verisign company) to register this domain.
    The EUR sent an email to the current registrar a week ago and they did not reply till yet.
    I tried to ask the support of Aplus what was happening, 2 times in chat and 2 times by email and they told me that names4ever has not answered their mails.

    So much troubles in three months and many intercontinental tel. calls.
    I really hope that my problems will be resolved and I'm sure I'll not go on with these people of Aplus.

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    Wow, sorry to hear about your troubles? Did you already end up moving hosts, if so, then to who?

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    I still have Aplus webhost because I paid for 1 year (bad decision but I had too much confidence while I've heard that they host many many websites). I decided for my .eu to host in europe because many site visitors are living in Europe and I could not afford downtime for this domain.
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    aplus is not a good company. stay away. i had a bad experience with them as well.
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    I don't know if Aplus is a bad company as whole but their domain registration services seems to me very awful.

    speaking about uptime:

    3 months ago aplus wrote in their webhosting packet "99,99% uptime or money back".
    I had not even 95% uptime and when I asked money back they wrote to me that they could not give me the money back.

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    what was the reason for your host to deny for the money back ?
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    wow, thats really a bad situation to deal with aplus... have they atleast changed your email id on the domain registar end?
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    the reason they told me, was that the money back clausule was only for the first 30 days.

    Yes, If I was not satisfied with their service I could have my money back within the first 30 days but I have not seen anything about 30 days with the uptime service clausule.
    On the site was written: 99,9 % (or 99,99% I don't remember it any more) uptime or money back.

    BTW the first 30 days I had not much troubles with downtime, The second month of my hosting was terrible. A lot of downtime. The third month was a little bit better.



    No not even today (after 3 months) the email id has been changed.


    This morning I called them up asking them why I haven't received an email with the EPP codes yet (they promised me the email since days) the support man on the phone told me that he did not even see a support ticket for my request and had to open a new support ticket.

    It really seems to me a fantasy story.
    I have to write a book about it :-)

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    3 months ago aplus wrote in their webhosting packet "99,99% uptime or money back".
    On the site was written: 99,9 % (or 99,99% I don't remember it any more) uptime or money back.
    Their website didn't change much in the last few months. Here's and archived page:

    Just as today, it featured:

    99.99% uptime per year
    30 day money back guarantee
    The two are not connected.
    99.99% Uptime per Year
    We guarantee that your website will be accessible via IP address to the world 99.99% of the time. The IP address is the numerical value equivalent to If your website is not online 99.99% of the time, we will refund the percentage of your monthly hosting fees equal to the downtime.
    Anyway you look at it, the refund you'd be entitled to is very small, once you run the numbers.

    the support man on the phone told me that he did not even see a support ticket for my request and had to open a new support ticket.
    That is indeed scary.

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