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    Lightbulb Branded Portals for Web Hosts


    I'm in the process of building a branded portal application. It's developed primarily for my site, however, I'm considering to release it to web hosts so they can offer it to customers and clients. I'm wondering if there is any interests from the web hosting community if such an application was offered in the near future.

    This application requires a single installation that will enable users to sign up for their own portal. If the interest is there, I could have it setup so that signups are verified before a portal is created so you package it as a web application plan perhaps.

    Consider it like where you can sign up for your own bulletin board, but to a larger scale where you can offer modules (news, message board, private messaging, instant messaging, themes, shopping cart, etc.) and possible package it as hosting plan. Very similar to a web hosting account, but instead of charging for space and bandwidth usage, you could charge the use of the application, space for attachments, bandwidth, purchase domain names, etc.

    What do you think? Interested?
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    Hi. That sounds like a good idea. I'm sure lot's of people will sign up for it, webhosts and non webhosts if you make it.

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    I think it would be a great way to get that niche aspect when trying to build your hosting company

    I'm sure people will be interested.
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