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    Go ahead and try everyone else.. Once you've done that, open this thread!

    We all know that unique, and well written content is without question absolutely paramount in both attracting visitors to your website and boosting your search engine page results.

    I'm not going to go for the full sales letter here, as you can be the sole judge as to what type of content you want your visitors to be viewing. If you're after high quality articles - read on.

    I felt it'd be appropriate if I could answer any frequently asked questions.

    "There's so many writers around, why should one be compelled to choose you?"

    There's a countless amount of writers floating around charging ridiculous amounts for their work.

    I've hired writers in the past when time restraints restricted me from engaging in my own content creation, and have usually been very disappointed with the quality of the work.

    In most situations, I refrained from using the content on my websites, and was forced to completely rewrite what I paid for.

    "Can you do bulk orders?"

    The simple and short answer is I cannot accept large orders at this time.

    I'm writing articles by myself, and to ensure my clients receive maximum quality, I spend a considerable amount of time on each project until my client's expectations have been thoroughly surpassed.

    At the moment, I'm juggling between a few online projects, full time employment, family and article creation, and thus have no time to cater for customers seeking bulk orders.

    "What is the usual turn over time?"

    When I said I like to perfect my work, I wasn't kidding. Orders can take up to 72 hours if I am unfamiliar with the topic.

    I personally enjoy learning about topics my consumers specialize in, and have no problem spending a day or two carrying out some research.

    "What topics do you frequently write about?"

    Most of my work is from customers seeking press releases, often about new services their company is offering.

    I've also frequently written about vBulletin, forum administration, web hosting, adsense and running an online business.

    "Do you have any samples of your work?"

    I used to have a 15MB folder, full of previous projects before I was forced to format my computer.

    I can show you my blog, which currently features a few articles I've quickly written up.

    I can also point you to, which currently has an array of articles in which I've constructed or completely re-worded after purchasing the core content from a few writers. Time restraints (including personal issues) prevented me from sitting down and brainstorming unique content, and thus required me to reach out for a helping hand.

    "What are your rates like?"

    My rates are as follows;

    $13 for 250 words
    $16 for 300 words
    $18 for 350 words

    $25-30 for a comprehensive press release

    "Do you do forum posting?"

    I sure do. Check out for more information.

    Thanks a lot guys

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    Justin is a very sleek guy! I've worked with him, and have seen his previous work before! Excellent communication skills, and all out professional!

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    Thanks very much for the kind words, extremely appreciated.

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