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    * Stay away from Joeusa!!!

    I had an account with for a couple of years. They were up and down like an elevator, but I didn't complain because it was around $20/yr for unlimited space and bandwidth and I wasn't doing much business over the net. (Most of my business was local/face-to-face).

    Knowing more than the average internet user, but less than the best, I thought it'd be fun to mess around with some of the options offered for the $$ that I paid. So I installed some old/archaic/pathetic auction program. The next thing that I know, the whole damn server goes down. EVERY SINGLE DOMAIN HOSTED BY JOEUSA.COM.

    I was terminated and banned by owner (or reseller, likely) Joseph Daidone without explanation. He merely stated that I "loaded hacking tools onto the server".

    Best I can figure, the true hacker "by_emR3" created an account on my "auction" website and then somehow figured out how to ftp into my directory on the server and take over my account. He would have likely had to have tried for months or just waited and then taken it over later. The kicker is that he was able to gain "root" access. The embarrassed Mr. Daidone (who should run instead) blamed it all on me and gave me no refund and denied me access to his supposed "routine backups" of all of my files. I'm out, thanks to his inability to manage the software that he offers and secure his "own" servers.,

    A complaint to the Better Business Bureau was responded to with extremely vague and inaccurate information, to which the BBB deemed the complaint resolved successfully. Even though it clearly was not.

    My advice, steer clear of them.

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    Well, your first mistake was going with Unlimited Space and Bandwidth. There is no such thing as Unlimited, unless if you had an Unlimited amount of money.


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    Seems to be a problem with this guy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mini
    Well, your first mistake was going with Unlimited Space and Bandwidth. There is no such thing as Unlimited, unless if you had an Unlimited amount of money.

    Unfortunatly, Snowfreeze, I have to agree. Unlimited just does not exist in any world! There is no such thing in our world today as an unlimited hard drive (trust me... if there was I would be the first to have one!). If you see a web hosting provider offering unlimited space/bandwidth simply shut the door and find a new one to open! Clearly that company is out just for a quick buck and is not looking for anything else than to pay their bills.

    The lesson learned here is to always do more research. Be sure to search on forums, google, directories (for reviews) and validate any custom testimonial's on their website. If you want to get more in depth, monitor their uptime and test their customer service (if any). Here are a few of my personal tips:
    - If a companies website is not clear and professional, they obviously have no time and/or money to invest into a professional design for their company. This is a turn-off right here.
    - Monitor a companies uptime using some sort of remote server monitoring tool for about 2 weeks or so.
    - Send 2-3 test e-mail's to their customer service department at different points in the day (morning, evening and late midnight) and time the response.
    - Never, ever under any circumstances go with a provider that offers "unlimited" disk space and/or bandwidth (unlimited e-mail accounts, FTP, MySQL are OK).

    In any case, I am a bit sorry to hear that Joe has upset another customer. If he has nerve and "experience" enough to call one of his ex-customer's a "punk" (on the forum mouse linked to), then he is obviously not mature enough to run a web hosting company. (I would say)

    Good luck with getting this resolved!

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    Oh wow, and here's more proof that you get what you pay for in the hosting industry!

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    If you were compromizing for the price, thats what you had to suffer.

    your experience will be definately helpful for other people who are planning to go with your old host.
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    I don't understand how companies like this can offer "Unlimited" everything, I mean what happens if a site starts using as much space and bandwidth as Youtube or Dailymotion, how can these people continue to honour their side of the agreement?

    If you want a decent service, be prepared to pay for it and don't be taken in my "unlimited" offers, there is no such thing...


    Just had a read over his Terms of Service

    Storing Files: Though we offer a large amount of disk space, the intention is that you use it for HTML, FLASH, CGI, etc. type applications. You may not store files.

    Movie Files and Music Files: This is not a file sharing host. No movie or music files. We reserve the right to review movie and music content and remove any files causing damage or draining server resources.

    System Resources: Any one site or web site account found to be utilizing in excess of 10% of the system resources at any given may shall be suspended. These resources include Memory, CPU and MySQL data bases. We reserve the right to terminate such account if we see fit.

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    What it looks like was a failure to keep applications updated on the server, which created a vulnerability when the OP installed the auction application.

    Sadly this isn't the OP's fault, but I'm sure JoeUSA will be here to explain himself eventually. If like the other post it will be a year and the response will simply bash the OP instead of admitting fault on his end.

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    He clearly shows his reply as anon-e-mouse said here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by XSI-Larry
    If like the other post it will be a year and the response will simply bash the OP instead of admitting fault on his end.
    Well that is what he did the last time and didn't even recongnized his errors when I point out a few hacked accounts that were hosted on his server, a couple of his customers contacted me desperate looking for someone to move their sites away from Joe's.
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    What is impressive is that people do not search not even once before they sign up.... sorry friend, lesson learned the hard way
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    What a clown. I hope he pops back into this thread for more hilarious fun. This joker just doesn't have a clue.

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