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    cpanel backup server load


    Everytime cpanels cron backup runs the server load increases and then any databse driven web apps are not accessible because of this load. Any suggestions? Should backups be done differently? Should databases be backed up with a different script? Any way to make the backup process lower priority on the server so other things can still function?
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    There not much you can do about this accept run your cron at the least peek time of the day/week/month. You could try playing with nice levels but i dont know how well that would work.
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    Large websites generally take a lot of time to get their entire content backed up.

    Try finding the largest websites amongst all the websites on the server and you might consider them moving to some other server.

    Try configuring the backups at the least peak hour as per your timezone. Usually 2am - 6 am are good time slots to configure backups.

    Are you running backups on local server ? You might need to take a look at backups with rsynch technology.
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    There is not a whole lot you can do about this. When you're doing backups it puts a lot of strain on the hard drives. Now if your drives are not very fast or are already strained you're going to see a lot of slowdowns. The processes are already on the highest nice level so not a whole lot you can do there.
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    it may due to like others has mentioned about your disk speed, high activity website or high disk usage which is causing the MySQL to be down. When Cpanel is doing the backup, it is actually dumping the database using MySQLdump. You may try check on those big MySQL database and also the domain which is utilising a big space and disable the backup for that domain via WHM for one day to monitor if this helps
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    These are good suggestions, but the data to be backed up is only 5-6 databases and under 2 gigs. The server is decent and should be able to handle it.

    The backup is also run at non-peak times. Also it doesnt just cause a slow down, it totally prevents any pages from loading that utilize a database on the server.
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    Is this for a shared or dedicated server? If dedicated, have you switched to incremental, where only the new/changed data gets moved over after the initial sync? That way it's not backing up all the files over and over (which is very intensive for larger sites), just the changed/new data.

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    I did not switch to incremental because some users here mention that it will leave old files behind in the backup packages.

    The server is a dedicated server.

    It only has 2 sites on it with the above 5-6 databases and 2-3 gigs of database space.
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    Find out what time the cron jobs run, maybe have them run at a different time when there is less load on the server or simply upgrade your server to better hardware so the system isn't boggy
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    1. Incrementally backup to a remote location using rsync.
    There would essentially be zero load utilizing rsync compared to the nasty cpu that the gzip / cpanel backup system uses.
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