I already have my site completely up, every thing's working, hosted, and all, but i am looking for someone who would be willing to invest some money in advertising the site. I'm not sure if this is something commonly done, but it's just an idea that I had. What I am willing to do is work out an agreement with you on how much you can invest, and then put an interest percentage on it. Then you get 50% of the profits from all sales until that final amount is reimbursed to you.

using small, even numbers for simplicity, if you invest $100, and we agree on a 10% interest rate. That would total $110. For every $20 purchase, you get $10. That happens 11 times until the full $110 is reimbursed to you. now, i realize you only made $10, but like I said, small numbers just so I can explain the math I have in mind.

The website is selling my custom designed and coded word Press Skins, and will be adding more scripts in the future, like bbPress, phpArcadeScript, etc.


If this is something you think you might be interested in, please contact me here, or preferably by email at tammy @ tammyhartdesigns .com