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    Getting a custom web site built for hosting biz

    I'm interesting in hearing of experiences with having different web designers build you a custom web site design for your hosting business. It seems what should be a simple task often turns out to be a complete shambles.

    I've had countless promises, poor project management and a ton of other glitches resulting from web designers not coming through on their word.

    I'm prepared to spend good money, $2000-$3000 on a design, but can't seem to find anyone competent enough to do the job

    Are there any good web designers still out there?

    This thread is not a request for web designers, but rather to hear of experiences you have had in getting your own custom web site built.

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    I used to manage the web development department for a medium sized web hosting company based in the UK. Although there are good web designers out there there are many who are total scammers with no knowledge whatsoever at all. To cite a couple of examples, there was one guy who used to ring our support line to ask advice on how to use FrontPage. He was a web designer charging clients £thousands for a dodgy page knocked up in M$ Office.

    I was also asked to look at a friend's website a few weeks ago that they had paid £3000 ($6000) for. The site was poorly designed, and didn't work at all in IE6. When I asked the web designer why, he said that now IE7 had come out no-one would use IE6 any more, so he didn't bother to check his site in any other browsers.

    If you want to buy a website, always ask to speak directly to the web designer about your requirements, and not sales staff. Always ask for a full, detailed specification of the site they will build you and make sure that this includes that it will validate to W3C standards and that it will be checked in a minimum of IE6/7, FF1.5x/2, Opera 9 and Safari for compatability. If the web designer isn't happy or tries to give you excuses never use them, they obviously know nothing about web design.

    Never expect to pay more than a 10% deposit and never pay in full until you are satisfied that everything on the site is exactly as it is in the spec. Sign up for a free 24hour browsercam account and check it looks the same in all major browsers. And, if you don't know that much about web design, get a friend who does to check it out.

    Always ask the web designer you are using to provide examples of sites they have personally designed from scratch - not improved, or only done a small part of. And finally, be really clear with what you want from a web designer - too many clients are really vague which makes it more difficult for me as a designer to understand exactly what they want (though by all means ask them for advice).

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    The other thing is that anyone with some creative skills can build a website but will the website sell your serivce? Can the designer design proper navigation system and not some nested link monsterosity. Can they place content where it'll grab the user and pull them into buying your serivce. Also who will supply the content?

    I discovered that unless you know what you are doing writing proper content is the hardest part of website design process. The design itself is the easy task.


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    Very good advice FileGig.

    Ive heard are good.


    Knowing some designers, they tend to take the money or slack off and don't put as much effort in when they receive a good enough deposit.

    Or if you tell them your real budget, they'll over charge to hit the budget when really it's only something small like $200 and you end up paying $2000
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    that kind of budget can get you a very good design

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    Try had a few things provided by them and they are all-around. They will help with branding, design, and implementation.

    Quite pricy but well worth it at the end of the day.
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    Sally, with that budget why don't you go with a company like templatemonster, and buy the exclusive rights to a design of your choice? WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get.
    They also do custom changes.
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