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    Question Can someone please explain.....

    OK i am looking to figure out if colo is the way to go.

    Example layeredtech has dedicated servers that give you 1500GB bandwidth a month for under a hundred bucks and 100mbs uplink.

    Now fdcservers has colo for 49.00 plus Bandwidth as follows
    $15/Mbit - 1Mbit increments up to 10Mbit
    $9/Mbit - 10Mbit increments 10Mbit - 100Mbit
    $8/Mbit - 100Mbit+

    so to use 1500GB a month would cost you like 8.00 x 1500000 = 12 million dollars

    I must and most likely am confused as heck.

    What would the equivilent be between the 2

    I want to colo with 100mbs port and average 2000GB used a month. what would be the math calculations.

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    I can't help you with your actual question but 1500GB is not equal to 1500mbit.

    1500GB is roughly 5mbit.

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    1.5 tb is nice to xfer but what else do you get? What happens if your memory goes bad? Do they have a guaranteed time for replacement? Remember you get what you pay for.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Insane
    I must and most likely am confused as heck.
    You're confusing Mbps of bandwidth with GB of data transfer. In a real world scenario, you'll get about 200GB per 1Mbps of billed bandwidth, so 1500GB would be equivalent to about 7-8Mbps. At FCD's rate, which is extremely cheap for colocation bandwidth, you would be paying about $120/month for 1500GB of data transfer.
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    Thank you

    Thank you bqinternet for you input. I now got it figured out.

    Thank you for you post.

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