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    [FS] 468x60 Banner Space / Text Links

    I'm looking to replace my main Google Adsense 468x60 banner on with a sponsored banner.

    1-Month: $50
    2-Month: $90
    3-Month: $120

    I also have text-link spots that appear on everypage of the 500 page site.

    1-Month: $15
    6-Month: $60
    1-Year: $90 brings in on average 1,700 unique visitors a day, and has been running for almost 8 years now. If this is a site you are interested in advertising on, please give me a PM or email through WHT.


    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    I'm assuming the text links are going on the left side GoldFiles Sponsors? What, if any, are the limitations to words or characters?

    Do you have any screenshots from awstats or similar? None of the cool kids are doing it.

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    Yes, that is the correct placement on the text ads. The online limitation on the text AD would be the width. As long as it can fit in the space there, it should be okay.

    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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