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    [SALE] Template or Full Site (Coded/CMS) - Design/Hosting/IT

    Hi WHT Members,

    As new ownership (me) has taking complete control of this business, i am updating the brand/image. As such I want to sell the original design as it truly still has a a lot of life in it for a startup company or one looking to re-invent their old look.

    I am taking offers from interested parties or am willing to make a deal with someone who can sell this for me for a nice commission.


    I have 2 templates (homepage and content) in layered PSD format. There is also a flash file (flash MX) that will be included. These are ready to be coded and then developed into whatever platform you require. If you like, I can also include a corporate blog design (wordpress) that is already coded and functional.

    Full Site

    There is also the more attractive option of the full site that you see in the URL I have provided. This has been cleaned out of all content and is ready to be populated with yours. The design is coded into a custom CMS (hand coded and original to the site). As you can see it is a completely functional package ready to roll.

    - Add new pages
    - Modify content
    - Manage sub-menu items
    - Upload images & media

    There are also some scripts that have been programmed. All you need to do is have your programmer or developer use a PHP command to call them into action on the relevant page via the page editor feature. There allow and manage the following:

    - Portfolio (case studies)
    - Client showcase
    - Knowledge Base

    The CMS also features a “Commit Changes” function. So if you make a mistake or want your changes to go live on a particular date, you just don’t press this button until your ready to roll.

    As you can see the site is quite “technical” in its approach to design. It would suit a web designer, hosting company, IT services company etc.

    I am entertaining offers to get an idea what people would be willing to pay for this package. As you can assume it is a one time only sale with full rights being passed to the new owner in writing.

    Please PM or email the following address with any questions or comments:

    Kaizan (at) -- (remove spaces and brackets) || Web Design || Print Design || Development || eCommerce || SEO/SEM || Full Support System
    Your Global Contractor

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    Nice template good luck with the sale
    its good to see design that does not look like TM/Coenex/ and other sites.

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    Looks nice.

    What is the price for it?

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    No price determined. I am entertaining offers as I am not sure what this is worth. I am sure the right price will come from WHT. Some great buyers here and traders. || Web Design || Print Design || Development || eCommerce || SEO/SEM || Full Support System
    Your Global Contractor

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