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    please help me !

    my server web site is : Example : and my dns is ns1 and

    Example : you register and set DNS to ns1 and
    if i donot Create Host for ( is only Domain and set to my dns )
    if type to internet Explorer view CPANEL page

    i would like Edit Cpanel page and View my page
    please help me for edit it !!

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    It would be locate at /usr/local/apache/htdocs


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    this is because apache's configuration file httpd.conf does not contain any VirtualServers section to point to your site files, and the default location /var/www/html which it is probably set to is being served up on each request.

    make sure you create a 'client' inside cpanel if its a dedicated server you have, and setup a domain for yourself as a client. if you are on a shared hosting platform, then make sure your domain is setup correctly in your account, and place your files in the correct area. Your 'main' page should be index.html, or index.htm or index.php
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    Index Off

    Thanks !!!

    i have a other qoustion !
    how i can set page for index off ( empty hosting shop index OFF )


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    Add this your httpd.conf

    <Directory /path to you hosting dir>
    Options All -Indexes
    AllowOverride All

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    this can be done by using the "index manager" in your cPanel. That's if it has not been disabled by your host. I can't see why it would though.

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