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    * Reseller | 10 GB Space / 100GB Transfer [6.95/month] + FIRST MONTH FREE + FREE DOMAIN

    cPanel/WHM Control Panel
    All of our accounts come with the cPanel control panel by DarkOrb Technologies. This is the #1 control panel software and totally outdoes plesk and ensim in a number of areas. This software was designed to allow you, as the controller of your website, the ability to maintain everything from email addresses to message boards with a click of the mouse.

    Lifetime Price Guarantee!
    Once you purchase an account you are guaranteed your price will never increase. As long as you keep the account open you will get the same price!

    No Setup Fees!
    We do not have setup fees on any of our hosting accounts and never will!

    No Advertising
    We will never advertise on any of your web space in any way at any time. We have a very hard spam policy and do everything we can to keep your space with us ad-free!

    Lightning Fast Servers
    All of our accounts are placed on lightning fast dual opteron servers with a minimum of 1GB RAM. A 100MBit connection to the web to ensures you get the fastest possible speeds out of your services!

                                  +Reseller Packages & Features+                 
                                                 Reseller 1       Reseller 2       Reseller 3
    Storage                                10,000 MB      20,000 MB      30,000 MB      
    Bandwidth                          100,000 MB    200,000 MB    300,000 MB
    Hostable Domains                Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    MySQL Databases                Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    POP 3 Email Accounts          Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    E-Mail Forwarders                Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    Mailing Lists                          Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    Sub Domains                         Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    FTP Accounts                        Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    Cron Jobs                              Unlimited        Unlimited        Unlimited
    Web Based E-Mail                      Yes                Yes                 Yes
    CGI, Perl and PHP                      Yes                Yes                 Yes
    PHPMyAdmin                              Yes                Yes                 Yes
    Web Bases Statistics                  Yes                Yes                 Yes
    Password Protection                  Yes                Yes                 Yes
    MX Record Changes                    Yes                Yes                 Yes
    Anon. FTP                                    Yes                Yes                 Yes
    Shopping Cart                             Yes                Yes                 Yes
    Custom Error Pages                    Yes                Yes                 Yes
    FrontPage Extensions                 Yes                Yes                 Yes
    Monthly Price                             $6.98           $11.98           $21.98
    Yearly Price                               $69.98          $117.98         $211.98
                                                     SIGN-UP          SIGN-UP          SIGN-UP
    Why choose us? Because we are experienced in offering web hosting, we provide inexpensive services, and because we provide first class customer support. Our servers have an uptime average of over 99.9% so you can rely on us to maintain your web site. We offer fast, reliable and easy to use web hosting for the beginner or the advanced programmer. We offer you cPanel based control panel for you to operate your hosting account. It couldn't be easier! We do not overload our servers with customers which means they remain fast and reliable.

    Do you already have a hosting account with another hosting comapny? Are you looking to make the move to Block9hosting? Well if you are we are willing transfer your entire site to our servers absolutely free. Are you a reseller looking to move to Block9hosting? We can transfer you and all your clients accounts over to our servers 100% free of charge (provided the transfer is comming from an up to date cpanel server).

    Have Questions?

    Our Technical Support Department is ready to answer your questions. E-mail us and our knowledgeable technicians will respond immediately and resolve any problems or questions that you may have.

    Sales & Support: Accounts [at]
    Live AIM Support: Block9Support
    Online Community:

    Should you have any general questions about our services or the packages offered here please feel free to reply to this thread and we will respond ASAP!


    - All specials listed on WHT are for NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY
    - In order to be elgiable for a free domain you must stay with block9hosting for over a month. Upon request we will register or transfer any new domain for an entire year! TLD's avaliable for registration / transfer include: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .NAME, .US

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    Your Chat button doesn't work on your web pages.
    Do you offer ssh and imap on your reseller accounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by talamar
    Your Chat button doesn't work on your web pages.
    If you click the link on the main page it works. We are working on a new website design.

    Quote Originally Posted by talamar
    Do you offer ssh and imap on your reseller accounts?
    For security reasons ssh is not offered. IMAP for email is.

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    Q: Do you allow adult content / traffic?
    A: Yes we allow LEGAL adult content / traffic

    Q: How can I pay?
    A: We only accpect PayPal for these specials. If REQUIRED we can arrange for a payment via 2checkout.

    Q: Are your prices in the USD?
    A: Yes. All pricing is USD!

    Q: Can I get SSH access?
    A: In the best intrest of the server and the other clients on it, no.

    Q: Where are your servers located?
    A: Our servers are located in the Chicago Board of Trading Building

    Q: Can I upgrade?
    A: You can upgrade at any time. There is no extra charge (just the monthly cost of the plan you wish to upgrade to)

    Q: Can I get custom name servers?
    A: All our reseller accounts come with 2 free custom nameservers (ea. /

    Q: Do you offer private shared nameservers?
    A: Yes. You will get the name servers at signup. The do not trace back to block9hosting.

    Q: How often do you make backups?
    A: We generally do backups daily/weekley.

    Q: Do you have any templates we can use?
    A: When you sign up we provide well over 40+ high quality templates ready for you to use!

    Q: Can I stream videos?
    A: No. Our servers are not equipt to support the load that streaming videos invoke.

    Q: Can I have an IP to Ping / Trace Route?

    Q: How long have you been in business?
    A: Over two years!

    Q: Do you have fantastico?
    A: Yes. All our accounts come equipt with fantastico!

    Q: Do you have RVSkin?
    A: Yes. All our accounts come equipt with RVSkin!

    Q: Is overselling allowed?
    A: Because we do not oversell... overselling is not allowed!

    Q: Will you transfer my account(s)?
    A: Provided it is comming from a cPanel server, yes.

    Q: Do you offer dedicated IP's?
    A: Yes. ($1.50/month or $15/year)

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by block9hosting

    Q: Is overselling allowed?
    A: Because we do not oversell... overselling is not allowed!
    I'm not trying to belittle you or anything, I'm just curious, as I might be taking this offer up, but how are you not overselling? $6.98 a month for 10GB/100GB sounds like you aren't making a profit on that server, so it sounds like you need to oversell to make a profit. How are you pulling this off without overselling?

    I also noticed the first two clients in your customer reviews name's are from the imdb database. I can't see that being too big of a coincidence.

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