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    My group is thinking about building a dual xeon clovertown server that we will be using to hosting multiple gaming servers. We currently have a server at The Planet but would like to get away from that since their high performance servers cost $300+ /month.

    With that being said I will need somewhere to get the box coloed and having trouble finding providers that don't charge an arm and a leg for hosting.

    I have admins in Las Vegas NV, Huston TX, and Memphis TN so anyone of those places I can get good latency too would be ideal.

    The best deal so far I have found was colo4dallas that would cost us $100/month for colo and give us 200gig of bw but I would really like the server to be located in one of the cities I listed above incase something broke and we needed to send someone in.

    Can anyone recommend a colo provider in one of those locations?

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    I am also looking for dedicated hosting in Las Vegas. Were you able to find something?

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