Yes yes, as everyone of you current webhosting company owners have heard thousands and thousands of times before.. A newbie is in need of help. Well im not actually a newbie, ive been researching webhosts, marketing/advertising strategy, technology, etc... Ive spent most of that time gathering as much information as possible, getting 1st hand experiences from webhosts and a whole bunch of other stuff. Ive already picked out a domain name, im currently in the process of getting the webdesign done, all thats left is for me to purchase the servers and get a merchant account. I currently only plan on buying two servers but heres where i need your help. Should i go dedicated or co-lo. Either way im going to pay around 300 bucks a month, or if im lucky to find a really good co-lo company ill pay only about 50 - 100 bucks. See some dedicated server companies give you free bandwidth with your server, so for example you buy a server for 300 bucks a month, theyll hook you up with about 30 gigs of bandwith free and each additional gig is like 2.50 or whatever. Co-Lo however, ill purchase the server for about $3,800 (itll be all mine, no monthly fee's), and co-locate it at a facility where theyll also hook me up with free bandwidth.. some companies give you the first 3U's free, so all ill ever have to pay for is technical support if something goes wrong with the server, and EXTRA bandwidth. What do you guys personally prefer? And what do you personally recommend? Oh i forgot, im doing Windows hosting (yes i know windows is alot more expensive then linux.)

Now its time for the merchant account problem. Is it just me or is it like really hard to find a good merchant account.. *sigh*.. Again i need you to recommend a good merchant account.. Thanx for all your help guys and please put in a few words of inspiration if your not to busy lol.

Oh 1 more thing, if you dont mind could you please tell me how much you make on a monthly basis. I dont need an exact amount just an estimate.