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    * Seeking Sales and Support Staff See within


    NBC Host & LX Server Direct are looking for support and sales staff to work on our Help desk.

    We are looking for candidates with a professional manner and also experience with cpanel and a linux background.

    The shifts we are looking for at present are
    9am - 6pm Monday - Friday

    This can be broken up 4.5 hour shifts.

    Also will be looking for staff to cover weekends etc. ( Shifts to be arranged)

    If you would be able to assist in both weekdays and weekends also on support and sales that would be a bonus.

    We pay per ticket

    Sales 50pence UK GBP
    Support £1.00 UK GBP

    Payment methods to suit all.

    This will progress to a regualar wage as the company builds.

    Again we are looking for professional employees and also age must be from 21years upwards.

    If intrested please feel free to email us at sales (at)
    Best Wishes,

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    Hi there

    We have afew positions covered now how ever we are currently still looking for these requirements

    Staff Sales & Support.

    UK GMT 6AM - 6PM

    Able to split between 2 applicants on 6hr shifts.

    I would like to stress we only want applicants over the age of 21 and above

    We pay weekly / Two Weekly we feel this is a nice setup rather than monthly

    Also we really are really only looking to combined applicants with both support and sales

    There is not a great streem of support issues how ever i feel that sales will boost an things will getting alot more busyer.

    We would be looking for a start for applicant (applicants) asap.

    Thank you for your intrest its much appricated.

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    Is there any information on how many tickets typically come in?

    Also do you have any IM contact?

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    Please check email. You will surelly like our plan,

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    I can't do that time. But i can do anything from 3:15 PM - 10 PM GMT. If you are interested PM me. I work for a fixed rate though (10$ a week - £5 )

    Deepest regards,
    Alex //

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    Please, check you mail)

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