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    How to deal with Unixbench 4.1.0 WHT compilation issues

    Whenever I try out a vps or dedicated the first thing I do is run Unixbench WHT on it.

    I have been trying to compile on different systems a mixture of 32bit, 64bit, Fedora, Ubuntu etc, and in many instances the compilation fails the first time around.

    e.g on a 32bit Ubuntu system I had to switch to gcc-3.4, instead of 4.0.3 for compilation to succeed.

    Is there any place I can try and have this issues resolved when they arise?

    Unsurprisingly it always appears to compile okay on 32bit Fedora/Centos Virtuozzo systems.

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    What kind of errors did you get? Ive used that tool on many servers, but not once did it fail compiling. The only thing is that sometimes it cant determine the OS flavor, which you then need to add manually to the source.

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