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    Reliable registrars with DNS and mail forwarding?

    Hi folks,

    We currently have a domain hosted with buydomains. We have our own web server, but use their DNS hosting and email hosting, as I'd prefer not to deal with hosting them ourselves. Unfortunately, we've come to realize we just can't depend on their services.

    So I'm looking to transfer my domain to a registrar with extremely rock-solid DNS and mail forwarding services. I don't care what it costs. Any suggestions? I've always been a big fan of pair Networks so I was considering pairNIC, but I couldn't find much feedback on them in the forum archives. Any other suggestions would also be quite welcome.


  2. #2 offers both things for free, only thing is they don't support AAAA records (ipv6)

    for a way more expensive solution theres which supports AAAA (and also forwarding) but you can also host email there.

    If you want to have a full inbox and not just forwarding you can also use which gives you basically gmail for your domain, and supports 50 email accounts on one domain.

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