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    Unseen E-mail or Used Mail Quota

    Hi Guys,

    I just want to ask some question if some of you experience this problem with Cpanel.

    When I open my Cpanel and go to my e-mail accounts the disk quota show that I have e-mail or there's a consumed disk space for my e-mail accounts.
    However, I'm downloading this all to my outlook and I even clean the spam box.

    When I try to open each e-mail account from Cpanel using webmail and check the Inbox, Draft, Sent, Trash or other folder; I really don't see any e-mail here.

    I already try re-creating each e-mail account but this keeps repeating.
    My provider said that this is a Cpanel bug which I want to verify to our expert here. If this is really a known issue to some of you.

    I'm wondering why Cpanel shows that I have e-mail to all my email account even I don't have e-mail.

    I hope somebody can answer my question and help me.



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    We have not had any probems like this although mail problems can be a pain to figure out. Are you a hosteee or hoster? If you are a hosting company you can try submitting a ticket to cpanel. Best of luck
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    If you've recently upgraded to 'maildir' from 'mailbox' you'll want to delete the maildirsize file as it contains the quota data for the mailbox.

    This will clear it and allow everything to go through.
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