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    Kidnapped Boy did not call for help during freedom

    People in Kirkwood, a St. Louis suburb, said they had seen Shawn spend time biking on his own and hanging out with friends, apparently unwatched by Devlin..........

    Romer said other residents also believed the story. "They actually said, 'You look exactly like Shawn Hornbeck.' Shawn blew it off and said, 'Whatever.' It is all really strange," he said..................

    On December 1, 2005, someone identifying himself as Shawn Devlin of Kirkwood posted a message on a Web site that Shawn's parents had set up,

    It read, "how long are you planing (sic) to look for your son?" Later that day the same person apparently posted a new message apologizing for the previous one and asking if it would be OK to write a poem for Shawn Hornbeck.
    I have just came across this article again. I didn't know these part was in the article. I thought he was kidnapped and not allowed to see the daylight or something like that. I am frustrated because if all these time he knew his parents were looking for him, why didn't he just let them know who he is and where he is?

    People were looking for him and he was right before their eyes. Why didn't the resident call the cop to investigate if they thought he look exactly like Shawn Hornbeck?

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    I think there is a lot about that story that we do not know yet. Its very strange indeed, but it may have been a case of brainwashing or something, not really sure.

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    The article is crappy, but it's enought to get the idea.
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    the link is not working

    and this is the first time i heard of this, what is the story exactly?

    I would just read the ccn article but its not responding for me.
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    Here is his post in the Guestbook. Look for Shawn Devlin....
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    During the Oprah interview, he said he was terrified to try to contact anyone for help. He said he hoped maybe leaving that message might have given a clue to his parents - using the last name of his kidnapper.

    The kidnapper is 6'4" tall and weighs 300 lbs. That would be a giant to a little kid, which he was when he was first taken. And scary as all heck even if you are a bit older now.

    Nobody knows, at this time, what sort of threats and intimidation were used with him. And nobody knows what they would do in the same situation other than someone who's actually been in the situation.

    I feel for him and his family. His life has been permanently altered by the perv.

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    You have to remember, he was 10 or 11 when he was taken. That's 4 years to be intimidated and coerced into not leaving.

    Think about it, grown women stay with their abusing husbands for YEARS out of fear. What makes you think a little kid could do any better??

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    I am bit confused , why a donation to shawn on his page. could anyone state me this.

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    I think what we are going to find, is that it was his parents he was afraid of. I think he was a runaway. Brainwashing isnt very easy to accomplish. Our government cant get it right, yet we're going to say some trailor trash guy could? I dont think so. The kid certainly does NOT look happy to be back home.. What the lips say and what his eyes say are totally different. Growing up going through several childrens homes... I know all about that.. You tend to say whatever the adults around you want to hear. He's trapped between his feelings, and what everyone else wants from him.

    So now I have to wonder, if I am even the slightest bit correct.... why did he run away, and why is he not happy being back in the welcoming arms of his parents?

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    From the point of view of an innocent child his family was not exactly a happy family.

    On a completely different tack, a London Telegraph writer says the whole episode goes to show how fragile the bonds between parents and children really are. Shawn, like the Austrian girl Natascha Kampusch who left the house of her abductor after eight years, showed a stronger instinct for survival than he did for belonging. It is nurture that counts with children, says Andrew O'Hagan, not the bonds of nature. Kids "are truly in a world of their own when it comes to the fickleness of their attachments and the satisfaction of their own needs."

    This is a plausible theory, especially if you believe that human beings are just animals driven by their needs, but it is also an insidious one, downplaying natural bonds as the basis of the family. And, like other explanations of Shawn's behaviour, it ignores one very significant fact about his background.

    Shawn Hornbeck does not have what most people would call a normal family background. Craig Akers is his stepfather. According to the most recent report, his natural father died in 2000 when Shawn was nine, and during those nine years Walter Hornbeck was far from being a regular dad.

    Mr Hornbeck was 60 when Shawn was born, one of several children he fathered. By the time the boy was one year old his mother, Pamela, had given Mr Hornbeck his marching orders and the couple divorced in 1992. Soon after, while he was living with Shawn's older sisters (aged 7 and 6), Hornbeck was arrested and charged with a sex crime. He later pleaded guilty to sodomy and other crimes and in 1994 was sentenced to seven years in prison. He got out in 1997 when Shawn was six, but the two had no further contact. Hornbeck died in 2000 while on parole. Meanwhile, in 1999, Pamela had married Craig Akers.

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    There are many things we don't know, but the last thing we can do is Judge the kid, he is a victim of all the adults around him and all he is trying to do is survive.

    He is a survivor, a very strong kid that needs a lot of people to support him and intense therapy.

    If his parents are not the kind of people that can help him, I hope the therapists can try to find a solution to the problem.

    I hope he never finds posts and hear the comments of people that are trying to say that is his fault or that he looks like a weird kid.

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    They should have track the ip address since that first name was the red flag. He should have wrote an e-mail to the website to let them know where he is. But no, he had to go ahead and let all his family spend more money trying to find him, when he was right under the residents' eyes. This make me thing that some of our kidnapped children are right under our nose and passing us on the bus stop but we never know which one of them is consider 'currently kidnapped and still missing'.

    Was he enrolled and attending school during that kidnapping or running away time? Did the kidnapper rape and beat Shawn? Now why was that other boy kidnapped 2 Mondays ago? I mean what is his family history? What did the kidnapper say about why he did what he did?

    From one of the wiki link I click on, I got to the Elizabeth Smart page. There are some information on that page such as how she was raped. And then I did a search on her. According to this link, she was labeled as one of the most beautiful 50 people in the 2005. I am really happy she got to be in the top 50 list of beautiful people, especially after all that she have been through.

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    This whole thing went down about two miles from my office. No, he didn't go to school and his grandmother did hint that he was sexually abused. The other boy was kidnapped two days before, not two Mondays before. Up to date information can be found at the local newspapers web site (horribly coded I might add) .
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