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    Lightbulb [] Looking for parent company


    I've run a few hosting sites, one I was director of was pretty big with around 8,000 customers but unfortunately collapsed due to staffing issues (

    Basically I own the domain and want to start up a small company - mainly to pass the free time I have (University Student). I'm looking for a company to take Red Rack under its wing.

    -or- Anybody with ideas for development, I'm looking to start something off but don't have the finances to start getting my own gear or reseller accounts.

    If anybody's interested please drop me an email to [email protected] - open to all offers (eg - an established host that wants to start renting game servers as another brand?).

    Prefer Europe/UK based hardware but I'm in no position to be fussy.

    Got some basic designs up ( (

    Looking forward to any ideas or offers.
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    This sounds like the free colocation thread... Try contacting some small hosts around the forums personally and ask about something like this... They will most likely be happy to negotiate with you.

    Good luck!

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