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    Clients for sale!! (cPanel) (ACT NOW!)

    Hello Guys,

    We are currently moving our focus in the year 2007 to other areas and will be passing on our profiting hosting clients to a provider that can provide them a excellent experience like we provided them.

    Please respond via PM only with your first initial bid along with any other additional questions you have. Just want to make this clear, we do require an initial bid in your first contact to prove that you are serious about the transaction.

    To give you an idea about what we are providing our clients and some facts please read closely and you will notice this great deal!

    # of clients for sale: 33

    Total space used by all clients: 4529MB
    Average bandwidth used by all clients: ~8.5GB/month

    Our packages (Linux Hosting/cPanel/Modernbill)
    Standard 48%
    -150MB Storage
    -5GB Bandwidth

    Starter 43%
    -25MB Storage
    -1GB Bandwidth

    Professional 6%
    -300 MB Storage
    -10GB Bandwidth

    Business Plus+ 3%
    -600 MB Storage
    -20GB Bandwidth

    95% of users pay via credit card, 5% pay through check or money order.

    1) Gross income - break down monthly and annually.
    Total / Year for all clients: = $3,542.99
    Average Client Revenue (1 account) / Month = $8.94

    2) Contract Length
    73% = 6 Months +
    27% = Monthly

    3) Where are the servers physically located?

    4) What type of hosting control panel(s) are used?

    5) What type of billing system is being used?

    6) Do you manage your clients domain contacts? Are you (or anyone in your
    company) listed as the registrant, admin, billing, or technical contact in
    the whois database for any of your clients?
    Yes, we will provide you with the username/password when the clients are bought for the domain register where the domain names are held. Our names are in the technical and billing contact names and can be removed and changed to yours.

    7) Do you offer domain name registration services to your clients?

    8) Is it your intention to exit the web hosting business completely, post
    Yes, we are moving away from hosting and concentrating on our company’s core strengths.

    9) When was the company founded? Are you the original owner of the company?
    If no, how mnay previous owners? What is the average age of the accounts
    (average amount of time the clients been with your company)
    Most of our clients have been with us for several years. We have extremely low turn over and consider these to be very valuable clients! We are the original owners and our company have been in business for the last 5 years.

    10) What type of marketing has your company done? Are you currently running
    any ads? Where do you get most of your new signups from?
    Most signups have been word of mouth. We have also been advertising with Google with moderate results.

    11) Do you have a mailing list, or do you send out an email newsletter? If
    so, how many subscribers do you have? Are they opt-in subscribers?
    All customers opt-in at signup and we provide them with yearly newsletters on our focus and goals for the upcoming year.

    12) Why are you interested in selling the company?
    We want to move our focus away to our core operations and not our hosting.
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    what is the company your selling?

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    That is correct, the company itself is not for sale, its just the clients in our hosting division.

    Please PM me with your initial bid (negotiable) and your e-mail address so I may send you an NDA. We'll then give you read access to modernbill where you can see the revenue and clients etc.

    Looking forward to doing business with you.

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    Yes, we are still interested if we can know why this sale has been delayed.

    Best regards, Eu Web Hosting Solutions
    Shared hosting with Cpanel/Fantastico
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    PM sent...


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    I am are interested.

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    i am intrested. Please PM me the details and also how much I can offer
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    Hosting Clients

    We are also interested. Please send more details to jamesbelaugh (at)

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    did this sale happen ?
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    Don't think so. Sent a PM last month but never received a Reply. - for all your Hosting needs
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    Please PM details of price etc!

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