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    how do you create webservice with php?

    does anyone have a link on how to create web service with php? i google the subject but all the links point to projects that is still in beta or alpha. can you create web service with php ?

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    This article might help you. Let me know how you go.
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    A web service? What do you mean by that, please be more precise.

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    Yes, you most certainly can create a web service in PHP.

    PHP5 has a SOAP library built-in that you can use, but the easiest way is to use the very well written NuSOAP library.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MServers
    A web service? What do you mean by that, please be more precise.

    suppose to be the next big shift in software. Amazon's S3, Google's map...etc are pretty much "web service". look up the term SOA.

    the best part of it is you can write your client either in web or desktop app. the company that i currently work for use webservice created in .Net 1.1 Visual studio 2003 to talk to the server and we are turning one of our desktop to web base and it's really easy to do because all we have to do is port it to

    it's easy to create web service in VS 2003 but all the article on php so far use SOAP kit that is either in beta or alpha version and most the tutorial focus on how to consume web service rather creating it.

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    Is posible to create web services with php 4?

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