Matt C. of VehoWave
Blog, Forum, and CMS Designer/Skinner

What Can I Do?

I can do full blog, forum, and CMS design from top to bottom. I've been designing websites for almost 7 years now and have worked with just about every piece of software on the market. I try not to stick to any one style and instead give the client whatever they want. My work is all pretty diverse which illustrates this. I can, of course, do regular website design and coding as well.

My typical turnaround time is 2-3 days for an initial design mockup. It depends on the amount of revisions after that to determine how long it takes to complete the job. Coding is usually finished in 1 day (2 tops).

Some Examples of My Work:

I'm in the process of re-organizing my portfolio, but these links show enough of my work for you to get an idea of my abilities.

What Do I Charge?

My prices are all very flexible, so please contact me for an individual quote. Below are some general pricing guidelines for my work:

  • 1 Page .PSD - $175
  • 1 Page Blog Design (w/Comments Page) - $200
  • 1 Page Forum Design (w/Threadbit & Postbit) - $225
  • 1 Page Table-based Coding - $35
  • 1 Page Tableless xHTML/CSS Coding - $75
  • Blog Coding - $125 (varies greatly on the design)
  • Forum Coding - $150 (varies greatly on the design)

As I said these numbers aren't set in stone - they may go up or down depending on the individual project. I only put them up here so that nobody with a $50 budget contacts me for a full design job wasting both my time and yours.

Who Can You Contact Me?