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Thread: Ruby on Rails

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    Ruby on Rails

    I was thinking about getting Ruby on Rails on one of my VPSs. But my host said that it might cause problems. I DO NOT WANT PROBLEMS. Ruby on rails really looks cool. I want to use it to run a CMS written in Ruby on Rails.

    Here are the specs:

    OS: Centos
    Panel: WHM/Cpanel
    Memory: 512

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    This sounds interesting, I've been considering running Ruby on Rails as well.

    Red Hat Fedora Core 4
    512MB RAM Guaranteed
    Plesk 8.1.0

    Would it cause problems for me too?

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    Did your host explain what problems it would cause? Sounds like a lazy host and not a well informed one. Ruby installs very similarly to PHP.
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    I've installed Ruby On Rails in several VPS servers (same specs as you) and never had any issues with it. Resource usage can be eaten up with mysql, php, cgi (including rails apps) , it depends upon your code and the usage, but Rails is no more of a 'problem' than anything you install on the server.

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    Ok good to hear. My host said it might cause problems because when they tried installing it on there shared servers. They said that the servers got every slow and crashed. But since i have a VPS. I will try to install it and see how it goes.

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