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    enom alternative

    Hello All,
    Major issue.. Apparently Enom is declining credit cards from Canadian VISA holders, this is due to their payment processor (as per tech support) declining the transaction due to AVS failure, believe me I have used the same credit card for years, and have outstanding credit. I confirmed with my bank that the transaction went through, but it is failing on Enom's end due to AVS failure, which is basically the code that comes back from their credit card processing company.
    The result is the you cannot pay with your cc, if you try sending a check it will be on hold for 30 days until it clears. I just sent out a wire transfer and was told by the bank it will be ready early this week, and I have domains to register, and domains that are close to expiring.
    The problem here is that no notice was given to Canadian resellers about the problem, and as for a "fix" who knows when this will be resolved.
    Ultimately it will come down to choose a different registrar, and would like to know of alternatives that don't spam your clients, are reputable, reliable, etc.. Sort of how enom was a few years ago.
    Any input or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    I had the same experience with thePlanet rejecting our Canadian Visa.
    We switched to another CAD Visa and it worked... strange.

    In regards to Enom, I would be interested in hearing about an alternative as well.
    We are just coming off a bad experience with Enom and are looking at other Domain Reseller accounts.
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