Okay, first off I'm a new here.

So, I'm stuck with Host Department for a reseller I'm new to this and for anyone that has tried them quite a learning experience huh?

Anyway, so they don't offer domain reselling and/or domain transfering of which I want to do through my website that is NOT a template. I'm a web designer first and for most. I find most templates tacky.

Well, did some research and came up with enom (too rich for my blood) and srsplus (intergrating into website frightens me). Great interfaces and easy to manage but scared of terms like API and heavy programing like C, pearl, etc.

Yeah, I understand the following PHP, ASP, HTML, DHTML, CFM, and some Flash Action script programing but feel like that might be over my head.

Some resellers like Hostgator would be great because its all included but as written above stuck due to a policy with my new transfer domain to my new host (for now) Host Dept.

Every place I visit seems to state transfer everything to us or regisar everything with us and we'll do it all.

Basically, I'm looking for a domain reseller that is fairly cheap & easy to use with my own Reseller and domain/website, but where?