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    Small Computer Hintch

    Well I have always had problems with my computer crashing, and was always happy to easily exit the problem using the 'Ctrl, Alt and Delete' buttons.

    Now I have a problem, my dam 'Ctrl, Alt and Delete' buttons don't work anymore. And when my computer freezes I need to swicth it off at the mains which is a real bitch, especially when I have got other windows open from making images.

    Is there an actual way that this can be worked again, like maybe I turned the controls for it off one time and theres a way to switch the controls back on or something? Stupid question but it a day to day bug that really anoys me!

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    I take it you run windows.. which version?


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    I have a Windows 98.

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    I have that problem on my other pc, its the keyboard, other keyboards on that pc work and the keyboard doesnt work on other pc's

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    Ah ok, Thanks alot tazd9t9. I thought it may be my keyboard.

    I'm getting a new keyboard in a few weeks anyway.

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