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    Question Web Hosting Software

    Is there a software package for hosting? Ie, I am running win2k and IIS 5.0 and want to host sites. I am looking for a software package what will manage accounts/permissions, etc and sites where people sign up for. I am running on one server right now but will loadbalance in the future. I only have 3 static IPs.
    Are there any such software packages out there for a one time fee (no per year or per month license)? Any good, bad experiences?

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    Yes, what you are looking for is control panel for the Windows platform.

    For starter, you can look at ensim's windows version, there is also a very buggy hostingcontroller.

    Definitely search the forum archive for more inforamtion and alternatives.


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    H-sphere also runs on windows. Check it out at

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    Well, it may not be such a good idea for him. From the sound of his post, he is not running multi-server operation.

    H-sphere requires at least one linux or freebsd server, in addition to the Windows server.


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    Oh... nevermind then.

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    I'm right behind you.
    1,143 got software for windows check them out...
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