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Thread: Scsi Madness!

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    Scsi Madness!

    Hey guys!
    I just set up the "old computer" with CentOS and placed it in a nice cold, but
    no dampness. Here's the specs:

    Intel Board (We know how reliable those are. )
    Pentium Pro 200Mhz | Blazing fast!
    200MB Ram SIMM | It can compete with those servers with 64GIGS!
    6.4GB IDE HDD | Massive storage!
    Huge server case! | I can fit about 13 5 1/4 HDD's in it!

    I have it set up as a personal torrent downloader... I can shut off mine and let the server run!

    I was thinking about getting some more storage... I've heard SCSI is cheap, lasts longer, and it spins faster! Where is the best place to get cheap SCSI drives? I need a controller, right? What do I look out for? I have never touched SCSI, I think I might have a controller card for the drives though... I should be able to daisy link them for eternity, and space isn't an issue, so no worries... Right? What about power, how much wattage for how many drives? Do SCSI drives tend to get hotter? I'm not really interested in RAID, and CentOS shouldn't have a problem handling all the mount points, right?

    Edit: To any that read this post before, sorry about the random characters... My O key was messing up and my thread got posted early on accident as I was cleaning it!
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    You can hunt up cheap SCSI drives just about anywhere, it seems. While SCSI is fast and lasts forever, it's not really cheap; new, both IDE and SATA are cheaper, per gig. That said, I like it for applications where speed and performance are more important than sheer volume of storage.

    In the past, we've bought a score or so of new SCSI drives from, at wonderfully ridiculous prices (new Seagate 18GB, 10K RPM drives for $20 apiece), but I haven't seen much SCSI stuff there lately. A couple months ago, we were able to snag a couple factory-refurbished 36GB, 15K RPM Fujitsu drives on the 'bay for about $25 apiece, shipped. Excellent drives, but LOUD.

    Be warned, as you seem to be new to all things SCSI, that there are four different physical SCSI interfaces - 50-pin SCSI-I, 68-pin SCSI-II, and 80-pin SCSI-III (a/k/a SCA), as well as fiber (FC or FC-AL). You can get adapters to swap between the pinned interfaces (though they often won't fit in hot-swap caddies), but watch out for seemingly excellent deals on fiber-channel SCSI drives...

    SCSI drives run just as hot, or cool, as any other drive of the same size, geometry, and speed. As far as power consumption goes, either hunt up the specs on the manufacturers' website, or look at the power rating on the label and use Ohm's law. Some of the large, fast drives can draw 20W or more; smaller, slower ones less than half that.

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    Hmm... FORGET SCSI! 50 or so USD just for a 9GB! I guess I'll find some cheap IDE HDD's and buy another IDE controller.

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