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    PHP Page Editor with WYSISYG

    Is there such a thing ?
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    You will have to get a whole IDE. PHP is not like HTML. Usually PHP relies on other includes or functions. you therefore have to have an environment that can operate and execute PHP.

    The bottom line is a PHP Editor with WYSIWYG is still just an HTML WYSIWYG. You won't see code results.

    Zend has an IDE for PHP but it's not cheap.

    You're better off learning HTML and learning how to format it for inclusion in PHP files.
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    I've been looking for this too.

    Atm I'm not in need of it anymore but It would be nice to get it once.

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    A WYSISYG editor for PHP will become cumbersome if you ever get into more complicated PHP where most of your PHP scripts do not do any direct outputting. PHP is much more than manipulating HTML.

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