2007 is here, James Racing Team's current sponsorship contracts have ended. We are looking for new ones to fill some of their spots. Interested? Well you should be. Consider this, every weekend through out the year James Racing Team is driving anywhere from 300-1000MILES weekly, think of the exposure you could have, a traveling billboard if you will. James racing team is also willing to sport your banner at the track and trackside events. Weekly updates/results will be given to the sponsoree(s).

What do you get?

Space on the teams 7x16FT Enclosed trailer (Size to be determined)
Banner 3FTx12FT wrapped around the teams trackside setup/ EZ-Up's
Tons of Exposure for a very cost effective price.
A top notch team, with results to prove it.
At EVERY race, the team has several hundred people walking by checking out the rig asking questions etc. You provide flyers/coupons we will hand them out.
3 x a year James Racing Team holds 3 big money races, at the fair grounds in our local area, 1st one in the spring, 2nd mid summer and 3rd the fall classic shootout. These 3 races attract racers/families from ALL over the United States. You would get maximum exposure. As well as mention on the PA system through out the classes.
The Mid summer shoot out at GSR raceway, is broadcast every year on the speed channel. Huge advertising potential for such a little investment.

What we would like?
50-100$/mo for the year or 500-1000$ for the year. - This go's toward tires/parts/entry fee's and travel expenses. - You will required to sign a contract.

Additional Costs 180.00$ for the Vinyl and banner

Interested? Fill free to contact me at 608-752-8122 name is Jason or PM.